Cochise College Scholarship

We received the new scholarship information from Cochise College:

There is a scholarship to Cochise College waiting for every Cochise County high school graduating senior. Reserve yours now by completing three easy steps at

If the direct link to the interest form is helpful, it is here:

Any senior from a Cochise County High School enrolling in Cochise College as a full-time student after they graduate will receive a GUARANTEED scholarship based on the official cumulative high school GPA.  Students will be able to renew that scholarhsip for four consecutive fall and spring semesters as long as they adhere to the minimun qualifications.

Level              High School GPA         College GPA               Annual Award

Gold                          3.5                               3.0+                     $375/semester

Copper                  2.5-3.49                           2.5+                     $250/semester

Turquoise              <2.49                               2.0+                     $125/semester