Fall Scholarship Packet

The Fall Scholarship Packet was handed out Monday, September 18.  Below is the information.  I don't know how to make the hyper links work yet so please copy/paste the web page into your browser.  There will be two more packets, Winter and Spring.

Read each scholarship carefully and give yourself plenty of time to meet the deadline.  

Start now to create a cover page, cover letter, and resume.  Ask people for letters of recommendation.  Think about someone who knows how great you are.  (It can't be a relative.)  Would a teacher, coach, youth leader, neighbor, church leader, or boss be willing to write a letter?  Remember to give them information about youself that they can use while they write.  You need two or three letters.   Ask the person to save the letter digitally.

STUDENTS: Refer to the "Gold Scholarship Packet" for examples.

American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program

“A Constitutional Speech Contest”.  You must be enrolled in high school.  The prepared oration must be an original effort and must be between eight and ten minutes in length.  The assigned topic is to test the speaker’s knowledge of the subject and must be between three and five minutes.  Scholarship award starts at $1,500 with more being added at each level reached. Certification form is accepted NOW until January 1, 2018.  The earlier the student can let us know of their intent to participate, the better the experience.

APIASF General Scholarship

The APIASF General Scholarship is open to Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) high school students. Scholarship awards range from one-time $2,500 awards to multi-year $20,000 awards. APIASF provides scholarships to underserved AAPI students with a special focus on those who:

  • Live at or below the poverty level, or are otherwise of low socioeconomic status;
  • Are the first in their families to attend college;
  • Are representative of the AAPI community's diversity, geographically and ethnically, especially those ethnicities that have been underrepresented on college campuses due to limited access and opportunity; and
  • Have placed strong emphasis on community service and leadership as well as solid academic achievement.

This is for high school seniors, current college students, and students with GED entering college in Fall 2018.
Application Opens: September 21, 2017

Application Closes: January 18, 2018 at 11:59 PM EST
Additional Information:

ASBA (Arizona School Board Association) Jack Peterson Scholarship

The Jack Peterson Scholarship is awarded annually to exceptional high school seniors who plan to pursue college degrees in teaching. Requires a narrative statement, which is like your cover letter.  Awards vary, but last year’s students received #1300.  Applications are at (Online submission deadline: Before Friday, October 27, 2017).  However - Submission also has a counselor/principal component.  Deadline is Friday, October 20, 2017, to give admin time to complete our portion.

Coca-Cola Scholarship 2017-2018

Each year the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation awards over $3 Million annually to 250 students.

This is an achievement-based scholarship for $20,000 awarded to graduating high school seniors each year. Students are recognized for their capacity to lead and serve, and also for their commitment to making a significant impact on their schools and communities.   A minimum 3.0 GPA is required.

Application details and instructions online:

Step 1.

Step 2. Click on Coca-Cola Scholars Application.

Step 3. Complete the registration and log-in screens and then check the eligibility requirements.          

Step 4. Give yourself plenty of time to apply—Applications must be received before midnight Oct. 31, 2017.

The St David school code is asked for on the application. The code number is 030-360

Cochise Cowboy Poetry Scholarship

This contest will be open to all graduating high school seniors in Cochise County.  Winners will receive $1000 to support their higher education. Poem must be centered on cowboy heritage. If you win, your poem will be added to the poetry book. Go to and click on the Schools tab. This year’s theme is “Barn Dance and Western Swing”.  The gathering will be held February 2-4, 2018. Poems and Entry Forms are due no later than November 14, 2017.  Mail to CCPMG:  WHSOP, PO Box 3201, Sierra Vista, AZ  85635

Discover Colleges Scholarship Drawing offers a “one-stop-shop” for receiving free information from Christian universities and colleges and to automatically be entered into a $1,000 scholarship drawing.

Education Matters Scholarship

This is a $5,000 non-renewable scholarship. Submit an online short written response (250 words or fewer) for the question: “What would you say to someone who thinks education doesn’t matter, or that college is a waste of time and money?”

Requirements: Be currently enrolled (or enroll no later than the Dec. 31, 2023) in an accredited post-secondary institution of higher education. Deadline Friday, November 30, 2017.

Complete an online scholarship search profile at  Type “education matters” in the search bar.

Elks Scholarship

Sponsored by the BPOE of Cochise County. There are five areas of criteria for this scholarship.

1.    Leadership, Academic achievements and records, Community involvement and Financial need

2.    ACT or SAT scores are required

3.    Male and female students compete separately.

4.    Candidates will compete at the county level and then be eligible for state and national scholarships.

5.    Awards

Applications available at

Due Online November 27, 2017.

Elks Legacy Awards

$4,000 scholarship for children and grandchildren of Elks members. You are eligible if you are a child or grandchild of a living Elk who joined on or before April 1, 2015.  Student must plan to attend a US school, college or university and take the ACT or SAT before Dec. 31, 2017.  Apply online at Application must be submitted no later than 11:59 am CT on February 2, 2018.


Elks Special Needs and Vocational Grant Awards

The Elks Club also offers Special Needs and Vocational Grant Awards.  We haven’t received the forms yet, but *See folder in the library when available.

Be sure to follow instructions on the application very carefully.

The scholarship is due to Miss Barbie before Wednesday, January 4, 2018.  The scholarship says January 10th, but an Elks representative is picking them up, so have them here early.

Flinn Scholarship

Next spring, 20 of the most outstanding high-school seniors in Arizona will be selected as the 33rd class of Flinn Scholars. Would you like to join this absolutely brilliant, fun-loving, globe-trotting community of young adults ready to make a difference in Arizona and the world?

·         If you are going to graduate before July 2018,

·         minimum 29 on the ACT (composite) or  1300 on the SAT I (counting critical reading and mathematics sections only)

·         minimum 3.5 GPA,

·         top 5% of class rank,

·         exhibit substantive extracurricular involvement and demonstrate leadership, then this scholarship may be for you. Go to   Pay particular attention to all the details.  The deadline for counselor/teacher recommendations is Friday October 20.  Give the adults time to write a great review. Applicant Deadline is Monday October 23, 2017.

“Got Milk” Arizona Milk Producers Scholarship

Is your ‘Stache Worth the Cash? Here’s your chance to earn some serious moo-la for college: $12,000, $10,000, $8,000 or a weekly chance to win football tickets. Just snap a photo of your best milk moustache… be creative! Make sure a dairy product (milk, cheese or yogurt) is visible along with your moustache.

Upload your photo to Instagram and tag @azmilkproducers using the hashtags #ampscholarshipcontest and #fuel, #fun or #food (to designate which prize you would like to win if chosen as a weekly winner). Or visit to upload your photo and fill out an official entry form. You will be required to specify which prize (fuel, fun or food) you would like to win on the entry form.

Details of scholarship at

First drawing Monday, August 14,2017.

The first week of judging and start of weekly prizes begins Monday, Sept. 5, 2017. One weekly finalist will receive $100 gift card and a pair of tickets to the Fiesta Bowl on Saturday Dec. 20, 2017.

Contest ends 11:59:59 PM, November 21, 2017.

Horatio Alger Association

Go to  to find the application.  This scholarship provides financial assistance to students who have financial need and have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity.

·         Various applications for Career and Technical, Targeted, State and National Scholarships.  Value ranges from $2,500 to $25,000.  Students may apply until October            25, 2017.

·         For National and State Scholarship you must:

Exhibit a strong commitment to pursue and complete a bachelor’s degree, you may start at a two year college.

              Display critical financial need, $55,000 or lower gross family income

              Be involved in service

              Minimum 2.0 GPA

Huachuca Mineral and Gem Club

Offering a $1000 Scholarship to graduating High School Seniors in Cochise County to pursue a career in the Earth Sciences.  For Information call 520.378.6291 of 520.458.8088  Miss Barbie has the application.

Go to this website to learn about $11 billion in merit aid scholarships available to students. matches students with merit-based scholarships that reflect their accomplishments and interests. is the updated website, but either address gets you to the scholarship page.

Prudential Spirit of Community Award

If you have made a difference by volunteering in your community over the past year, you could win $1,000 and a fabulous trip to Washington, D. C.  Go to or to apply for this youth volunteerism scholarship. 10 honorees will receive $5,000 awards and $5,000 grant.

Go to the website, complete the application and the student/parent agreement by November 7, 2016.  Then print out or email the certification instructions for your certifier.  The certifier has until November 17, 2017 to review and select Honorees.

SCAD Challenge Scholarship Competition                                                         

SCAD (The University for Creative Careers) presents opportunities for high school juniors and seniors to exhibit their artistic work and earn scholarships. Categories for competition include: film and animation, photography, comic book, 2-D, poster, and fashion. Online applications must be submitted by 5 p,, ET, Feb.3, 2017.  For more information please visit

Submissions include Film and Animation, Photography or Comic Book, 2-D or Poster submission,and Fashion

Voice of Democracy Program

This program offers a $30,000 national first place winner. Other national scholarships range from $1,000-$16,000. First-place winner from each state wins a minimum scholarship of $1,000 and an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C.  Open to students in grades 9-12, who are enrolled in a public school in the United States and its territories.

The theme for 2017/18 theme is “American History: Our Hope for the Future.”  Students should record their reading of the draft to an audio CD or flash drive. The recording can be no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes (plus or minus 5 seconds). Entries begin at the Post level. Once the students create their essay and complete burning the audio version to an audio CD/flash drive, they can submit their typed version, CD/flash drive and the Voice of Democracy entry form to their local participating VFW Post.  Deadline is October 31, 2017

Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship

Eligibility for application is limited exclusively to students entering their senior year of high school in the 2017/2018 academic year who have at least a “B” grade average and participate in at least one of the 43 sports officially sanctioned by the National Federation of State High Schools. 

Students must complete their applications before October 1st as each application needs to be reviewed and confirmed by a school official.  Be sure to enter a valid email for Miss Barbie.  Complete applications are due from the counselor on October 4, 2017.

Go to for an application.

Northern Arizona University-Arizona State University-University of Arizona

Admissions applications start the primary merit-based scholarship process based on a combination of:

·        GPA

·        class rank

·        ACT/SAT scores

There are fall deadlines. Go online ASAP and check out the requirements for scholarship application.


Students may start their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application on October 1, 2017. Use your family’s 2016 tax information instead of waiting for 2017.  You will need your parents help!  Go online to create an account and start your application.


St. David College Fair

Tuesday, October 17, at 8:30 AM in the HS Gym.


44rd Annual Tucson College Night

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

6:30 to 8:30 PM

Tucson Convention Center

(Admission and parking are free.  Tell the parking attendant that you are attending Tucson College Night).     Questions?  Call 520.225-6211


Greater Phoenix College Fair

Sunday, October 22, 2017

11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Phoenix Convention Center

100 North Third Street


General Scholarship Websites – is the oldest free online scholarship matching service. – This award-winning site has grown into the most comprehensive informational site

about student financial aid on the Web.  The site’s array of calculators includes cost     estimators, loan payment calculators, and savings projectors. – Provides links to several federal government education Web sites. –Is a production of the College Board, the creator of the SAT Test.  It talks about

“all things college” and includes a comprehensive section about paying for college and you can register online to take the SAT. – Search through a database of over 200,000 schools and what they have to offer.


Talk to your parents.  Ask them about scholarships at their work.


High School Parent and Student ALERT!

When students enter High School you might notice an overabundance of mail addressed to your student.  Everything from military recruitment, scholarship opportunities and Who’s Who list books, to sports prospects overseas!

Please carefully read this mail and if the sender offers unbelievable benefits from “signing up,” it probably is just that - unbelievable!  Many letters offer college money or help with scholarships for a cost.  All of these services are actually free and most of this mail is trying to use scare tactics to get you to purchase their services. A good rule of thumb is, if the sender wants money, toss it!  St. David High School offers interested students assistance in finding scholarships and money for college and will help your student find the same services for free.

Students also start receiving credit card applications around their junior year. Consider taking the time to discuss with your teenager the pitfalls that come from credit card abuse before they enter into the college or work place arena when credit card companies target students with quick cash solutions.

If you have any questions concerning these topics please contact Barbie Grapp 720-4781 ext 174.